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All About Store Credits

Store Credits to Help Your Business Grow!

ApplyShop is thrilled to announce the launch of Store Credits to help serve you better. 

What are Store Credits?

When you buy items on ApplyShop you can earn Store Credits, which can be spent on your next transaction to help you save.

Store credits are not the same thing as a discount. Each product you buy may have a discount, and you will earn your store credits on the discounted price that you pay

  • Example:
    • If a product is of USD 10,000 and has 10% base discount and 5% Store Credit bonus, then:
    • You will buy it at 10% base discount and pay USD 9,000
    • And then you get 5% store credits on the amount that you paid of USD 9000 which is equal to USD 450
    • You can use these USD 450 credits to buy anything on ApplyShop  for your next purchase.
    • All Store Credits have different validity, so kindly keep an eye out for it. 
Why are we launching Store Credits?
    • Store Credits are a way for us to show our appreciation and reward you for making purchases with ApplyShop. 
You can earn Store Credits in multiple ways:
    • Consistently shopping with us 
    • By participating in exclusive sales
    • On your Birthday and anniversary with us


How to redeem store credits:

Below are instructions on how to redeem ApplyShop Store Credits to save money on your future purchases: 

Step 1: To receive your store credits, you will receive an email notification from the ApplyShop team telling you that you earned Store Credits. 

Step 2: You can redeem your Store Credits on your future purchases by applying them as a coupon. 


how to redeem

Simply copy the code in your email into the discount code section on your next purchase before checking out.


Step 3: Be sure to use your Store Credits before they expire!

💡 Keep an eye for new features and promotions as we continue to improve to serve you better.


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